Yang Homegrown Vegetables

Grower/Produce - cabbage, herbs, peppers, squash

whatever is in season, StoneHead Cabbage, Simpson Elite, Super Sugar Snap, Hyb. Fancipak, Jade Green Beans, Landmark Green Beans, Bloomsdale long stand , PrizeHead lettuce, Fenway Watermelon, Habanero- Orange Pepper, Cantaloupe, Hyb. Cabernet, Hyb. Eureka cucumber, Kale, Kailaan, Thai Hot Peppers, Pak Choi- Joi Choi, Hyb. Zucchini Elite, Summer Zucchini, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Athena Cantaloupe , Ruby Red Lettuce, Mustard Red Giant, Florida 47, Long Beans, Florida 91, cilantro, Ruby Queen Beets, Butternut Squash, acorn squash, Brown Eggs, Tokyo Long White Onions, White Globe Hailstone, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Hyb. Sweetness II, Hyb. Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts, Detroit Dark Red, Early White Vienna, Companion Watermelon, Candy Stick Carrots, Thai Basil, Mountain Spring, Sugar Ann Peas, American Flag Leek, Crimson Rhubarb, Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas, Hyb. Ch. cabbage blues, Radish, Mino Early Long White, Mountain Fresh Plus

* It is important to note that within the vendor listing, the products noted are not all-inclusive but instead provide a sampling of what you will find at each vendor booth.

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